A Comfortable instant LAN Messenger for your local network. A power replacement for Microsoft WinPopup.
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Flashdeli LAN Messenger, an instant LAN Messenger

Flashdeli (Flash Delivery) is an instant messaging system for your LAN or intranet. This software is a replacement for Microsoft WinPopup or Messenger services. It will give you a solid boost in office productivity.

Flashdeli LAN Messenger main window screenshot.

Using this feature-rich yet simple messaging program, you will never miss important messages. At the same time, our LAN Messenger can be configured not to disturb you while you are busy.

Simply install Flashdeli LAN Messenger on all computers in your network and you will always have this reliable information exchange tool handy. You may use Flashdeli both on your home network, and on the local area network (LAN) of your organization as a substitute for other common ways of communication such as e-mail, telephone or paper notes.

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Download the flashdeli - instant lan messenger compatible with standard WinPopup File: flashdelisetup.exe, ~835 Kb
Version 3.92
Release date: January 27'05.

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Main Flashdeli LAN Messenger features are as follows:

   The program is easy to install and to use.
   The simple and convenient interface for instant messaging.
   The full set of features necessary for convenient communication.
   The set of unique features typical only for our lan messenger.
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We offer an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee.

Flashdeli LAN Messenger is a try-before-you-buy program. It means that you can download the program from our site to evaluate its capabilities. You are entitled to evaluate the software for up to 30 days without obligation to pay. If you decide to keep the software after 30 days you should purchase it.

Our customers get the following benefits:

   Fully functional Flashdeli LAN Messanger version
   Free lifetime technical support
   A free upgrade to all the future releases of the program

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Flashdeli is a comfortable instant LAN Messenger.