A Comfortable instant LAN Messenger for your local network. A power replacement for Microsoft WinPopup.
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Download Flashdeli LAN Messenger.

Latest version: Flashdeli 3.92.
Release date: January 27'06.

Now available for download:

Flashdeli is a LAN messenger for your network. Installation package. (~835 Kb).
Our LAN messenger is very comfortable WinPopup replacer. Download now.
  Version 3.92
  Release date: January 27'06.
Get Flashdeli for FREE now!

Sounds for Flashdeli contain 13 sound files. Any sound file can be used as a common event sound or as a "personal" sound associated with a specific user. Just download this file and extract it into the Flashdeli folder (~245 Kb).

LanDiscovery is a free utility for browsing large local area networks.

ConfigInspector is a free utility for system information analysis.

Flashpaste is powerful copy and paste utility for standard texts.

What's New in Flashdeli LAN Messenger v.3.9:
   The Quick Address function is added.
   Multiple minor interface improvements.
   Reduced memory footprint.
   Minor bug fixes.
   Help System is improved.

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Download Flashdeli and use a comfortable LAN Messenger.