A Comfortable instant LAN Messenger for your local network. A power replacement for Microsoft WinPopup.
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Links we consider worth visiting.

Useful freeware for work with clipboard, copy&paste text.

Fun Desktop - Workplace Fun. Get screensaver, wallpaper changer etc..

Slideshow screensaver - turn your pictures and digital photos into a groovy screensaver with PictureRiver.

Data Recovery - ZAR Software - Our tools can help you recover your data if it is lost due to accidental reformatting, power spike, virus attack, hardware malfunction or some other reason.

Instant Source - Internet Explorer plugin - Handy tool for webmasters. Supports real-time HTML viewing and shows scripts, CSS, Flash files and more.

Passwords Recovery Tools - Forgotten the password protecting an important document? What will you do now? You can waste time and energy in a probably-fruitless and frustrating effort trying to remember the password, or you can simply take advantage of the program we created to solve exactly this kind of problem.

Remote Desktop Control

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Flashdeli is a comfortable instant LAN Messenger.