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Autoanswer Messages

The Autoanswer feature allows you to have a number of preset messages to be sent automatically in the Autoanswer Mode. Now you don't have to type the same phrase "Soon" or "Has left" each time. Just add these phrases to the list of the Autoanswer Messages.

To add a new message:

  1. Open "Autoanswer Messages" page in the program options dialog and click "Add Autoanswer Message...". Then enter a message in the appeared window.


  2. Type message text into Message Input Area, then select "Add" from the "Autoanswer Message" menu.

Autoanswer messages can only be removed using the program options dialog. Choose the message you don't want any longer, select it and click "Delete".

It's enough to double-click it to edit a previously entered phrase.

Flashdeli allows taking messages for Autoanswer from a file. To use this feature you should click the "From File…" button and specify the file to use. When this option is on, one line from the specified text file will be sent in response to each incoming message.

"Insert Nickname instead of Computer Name in Autoanswer Mode". All autoanswer messages have mode prefix at the beginning [Autoanswer on name]. This option determines what to insert instead of the name - the computer name or the current nickname.

You can also redirect the incoming messages if you, for example, have moved over to another computer. For this purpose it is necessary to choose the "Redirect to..." item from the answering machine phrase menu (Ctrl-S) in the Main Window of Flashdeli.

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