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Flashdeli LAN Messenger Online Help
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Message Filtering

The received messages are filtered according to five parameters. In addition to the “Ignore List” there is “List of Forbidden Phrases”.

The following five parameters regulate a filter activity:

  • “Soft Ignore”– Enable or disable the "Soft Ignore" mode.
    • “Hard Ignore”(unchecked) means that messages from ignored users won't be received at all.
    • “Soft Ignore” (checked) means that messages from ignored users will be received, but the sound won't be played and program window won't popup.

  • “Don't receive Repeating Messages” - two or more identical messages sent by one user are considered as "repeating". When this option is on, duplicating message are ignored. It is recommended to activate this option if you receive duplicating messages due to your network configuration (several network protocols are installed).

  • “Messages contaning Forbidden Phrases” three options are available:

    • “Receive” - incoming messages aren't filtered at all;
    • “Forbid receive” - messages containing any of the Forbidden Phrases are not received;
    • “Receive withiout Notification” - messages containing any of the forbidden phrases are received and added to log file, but incoming message notification is not used.

  • “Broadcast Messages” - all messages addressed to a group of users instead of a single computer are considered broadcast. Keep in mind that if someone sends a message to a group of people it is considered broadcast even if it is actually sent to a single recipient.

  • “Empty messages” – Obviously, the message is considered empty when it does not contain any symbols.

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