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Flashdeli LAN Messenger Online Help
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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. I don't see the whole text in long messages.

Try pressing Ctrl+F11, F11 or try to switch the program to the "single message mode" instead of the default Messages List Mode . You can do it with the corresponding toolbar button, by pressing F7, or by double-clicking message. Another way is to simply put the mouse pointer over the message text and wait about a second.

2. How can I copy a part of the message?

You need to switch to the "Single Message Mode" and then copy the text just like in any text editor. Another option is to select the message in the list (Ctrl+ArrowUp/ArrowDown) and press Ctrl+F12. The message will then appear in Address Input Area so you can copy its text as usual. You can also use the Drag&Drop feature. Drag the message from the viewing field while holding down Ctrl or Shift.

3. I want to receive messages from everybody but I only want the program to popup for several users.

To do so, you should add all users, except for those several ones, to the Ignore List and enable Soft Ignore mode! The drawback of this approach is that you cannot send a message to the users in the Ignore list. Another way is to uncheck the Popup on receive Message checkbox, associate personal sounds with those several users, then open the program window on the screen by pressing Hot Key upon receiving a message (the sound will be played).

4. I use a lot of templates and the "Quick messages" menu is too big.

You may want to take advantage of the new Autoreplace feature. Autoreplace is very convenient for entering names and addresses. Please consult the manual for details.

5. No computers are listed in the User List though popup tips show their quantity correctly.

Check if you have created a Favorite Users group with the name identical to that of some real object on your network (a computer or a workgroup name).

6. Messages don't reach a certain computer.

  • 1. Make sure that the lan messenger program is running on that computer.
  • 2. Check the general network connectivity (ping).
  • 3. Check if you have created a "Favorite users" group with the name identical to that of some real object on your network (a computer or a workgroup name).

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