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Flashdeli LAN Messenger Online Help
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Waiting Hall

The Waiting Hall is a tool which will automatically remind you of the appearance of the necessary person or computer in the network. You simply need to add the necessary user or computer in the Waiting Hall and setup the necessary parameters. As soon as the object you are waiting for starts showing signs of life you will find it out immediately.

There are two ways of adding a user into the Waiting Hall:

  1. Activating the Waiting Hall dialog on the screen - hit CTRL-W.
  2. Via User Context Menu.

Expectation parameters.
  • Wait for the computer to be turned on (ping) - the specified computer will periodically ping. When the positive echo-answer is received, its appearance will be reported. Both the computer name and its IP-address can be used as the addressee.

    • Remember Task at Shutdown - if the computer waiting to start work wasn't switched on before closing the program, the task is remembered for the next session.
    • Interval - the break time between the queries to the computer waiting to start work. The default value is 5 minutes.
    • Time-out - The timeout of the answer to each query. The default value is 1 second.
  • Wait while User appears in Flashdeli - both the computer name and the user's nickname can function as the addressee. This method will work only if the addressee has 3.3 version or higher of Flashdeli installed.

    • Report on each appearance - the task is not deleted after the expected user appears. Every appearance of the user will be reported.

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